Top Ten Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal


It can be nerve racking to enter that tattoo removal clinic. Suddenly, the memories brought about by the tattoo you want to erase, flash before your eyes. Though the memories are mostly unpleasant, the thought of having your tattoo removed can often make you turn around and go home. Before you do, think about knowing the procedure well. Since you want to have that significant change, you should understand the essentials of the tattoo removal procedure. There is no better […]

Evolution Of Tattoo Removal

Way back when, during the early days of tattoo removal, the only way to remove a tattoo is to strip away several layers of your skin until the tattoo is not there anymore. It was a very painful process. The risk of infection and scarring was also huge. Because of obvious reasons, most people just chose to keep their tattoos to avoid the side effects of tattoo removal. Years later, dermabrasion, surgical excision, camouflaging, chemical peels, and salabrasion were the […]

More Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

Once upon a time that tattoo of a rampant unicorn may have seemed like a great idea. A lot of people have second thoughts about the tattoo they decided to get whether it’s 1 year later or 20 years later. If you’re having second thoughts about the tattoo that you received and are looking into laser tattoo removal then you probably have some questions about the process. Here are the top ten questions and their answers about having a tattoo […]