• Initial Consultation

    Initial Consultation

    During your initial obligation-free consultation with one of our fully licensed laser tattoo removal specialists in North Brisbane, we’ll discuss the procedures and explain the process so that you have a comprehensive understanding of how the tattoo will be affected by the laser. We will discuss your goals, treatment costs and answer any other questions you have related to the process. We will collect all required information to ensure a successful tattoo removal is achieved. It is important that that the tattoo should not have any excessive sunlight exposure or fake tanning for 28 days prior to treatment.

  • Treatment Preparation

    Treatment Preparation

    Following the initial FREE consultation, we will take a photo of your tattoo before each treatment so that we can assess the progressive fading of the ink. The Tattoo will be cooled using a Koolio skin cooling machine, which blows very cold air onto the area. This process greatly minimizes the discomfort from the laser.

  • Complete Multicolor

    Laser Treatment

    Once we’ve completed the required preparation, we will do a test shot to monitor the skin's reaction to the energy. At which point, we will make adjustments to the energy settings based on the reaction. We will treat the tattoo with different wavelengths for the different coloured ink. After treating the ink in the tattoo, we then treat the whole area with the award-winning ResurFACE® fractional attachment, which helps to increase skin collagen production, achieving a faster healing process. We will then apply a dressing and explain the aftercare of the tattoo.

  • Traetment After care

    Treatment After-Care

    As fully accredited and licensed laser tattoo removal specialists in North Brisbane, the safety and aftercare of our patients are our number one priority. The area should be kept clean and out of the sun for at least 28 days following treatment, which includes solariums. If sun exposure is inevitable, a 30+ sunscreen should be applied. Be sure to check out our pre & post removal page for more information.

  • Initial Consultation

    Your Next Appointment

    Follow up treatments will be every 6 - 8 weeks to ensure the best outcomes possible. We look forward to being part of your tattoo removal journey!

  • Initial Consultation

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    What are you waiting for? Don’t leave your largest and most valuable organ – your skin – in the hands of an amateur. With a fully accredited and licensed laser tattoo removal specialist in North Brisbane, there’s truly no one safer. To find out more about our laser tattoo removal service, please call us today on 07 3888 7378 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.