How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

With Premium Tattoo Removal’s unrivalled laser tattoo removal solution, you can say goodbye to unwanted tattoos in no time!

Premium Tattoo Removal offers the safest and most-effective laser tattoo removal in North Brisbane. As a simple outpatient procedure, it fits easily into your busy schedule and requires no downtime.

With the help of our safe laser tattoo removal service in North Brisbane, we can remove even the most complex, multicoloured tattoos all over the body. Our cutting-edge laser system uses three separate wavelengths of light to remove darker (black, purple, brown), brighter (red, yellow, orange), and stubborn blue-green tattoo pigments. The Quantra Q-Plus EVO laser system delivers the highest energy in a six nanosecond pulse. This careful design enables a powerful spot size to ensure deeper penetration, which results in an increase in the efficacy and safety of your laser tattoo removal treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal treatment

Advanced Laser Technology

Tattoo Removal with High Single Pulse Power

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Q-switched lasers are ideal for pigment treatments: Widespread medical opinion based on extended clinical research says pigment is ideally removed using Q-switched lasers. Their 6 nanosecond pulses generate powers in the Megawatt range, producing a powerful yet contained photo-mechanical effect, in which pigment particles shatter and destroy the cells they are contained in; effectively removing the pigment.

Less risk of unwanted side effects: Our Q Plus C EVO Laser System is one of the highest single pulse energy generating Q-switched laser on the market. This allows larger spot sizes to remain effective by avoiding the scattering effect of laser light in the tissue. In turn, laser energy can penetrate deeper into the skin to treat deeper-lying ink. The use of larger spot sizes requires less influence to be effective, reducing the risk of unwanted side effects such as tissue splatter, bleeding, and textural changes.

Maximize Tattoo Removal Treatment Safety and Efficacy

Only single-pulse laser treatments allow a laser's energy to reach deeper pigments. The Q-Plus EVO's higher single-pulse energy efficiency makes individual treatments more effective compared to less advanced systems. In multi-pulse laser treatments, optical shielding arises when the first pulse generates gas and steam within the skin as it strikes the pigment. Consequently, successive pulses are prevented from effectively reaching the deeper-lying pigments. This is why Quanta's Q-Plus EVO technology is designed to provide the highest, single pulse energies for tattoo removal treatments.

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